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Auto Injury Chiropractic

We specialize in proper evaluation, treatment and documentation of personal injury cases, and other patients that suffer from severe debilitating pain to minimal discomfort of neck and back. Our clinic is effective in treating injuries and symptoms of pain without drugs or medication. If you were injured in a Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA), motorcycle accident or a slip and fall injury:

We document above industry standard with EMR (Electronic Medical Records), always with the personal injury patient in mind. Same day appointment available for Chiropractic services. If necessary Radiology, Orthopedic and other specialty referrals for evaluation are available. Proper case management is the key for your claim. We'll evaluate your injuries, review liability and insurance coverage information with you. It can be overwhelming and a daunting task dealing with insurance adjusters that want you to settle your claim on the spot without proper evaluation of injuries by an experienced doctor and a professional estimate from a body shop. Don’t settle your claim without speaking to one of our knowledgeable staff regarding your claim. If you’re a patient or an attorney looking to get quality care for yourself or your clients, same day appointments for chiropractic services are available. Are you looking for supportive staff, flexible hours, proper documentation, individualized care and case management? Then we are the clinic for you!